Iñaki Pérez-Ibáñez

  • Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • Phone: 401.874.2670
  • Email: ignacioperez@uri.edu
  • Office Location: Swan Hall 127

Ignacio Pérez-Ibáñez, Curriculum Vitae


Iñaki (Ignacio) Pérez-Ibáñez teaches Spanish and Second Language Teaching Methodology courses and advises students in the Secondary Education / Second Language program. He has ample teaching experience both in the US and Spain at the High School and University levels.

As a researcher, he has significant experience studying manuscripts and early editions of Golden Age works, as the four critical editions from this period that he has authored demonstrate. His work is highly interdisciplinary, and he has successfully dealt with texts of quite different nature. His research on language instruction is based on his own classroom experience.


  • Spanish Golden Age Literature
  • Interdisciplinary studies in Modern Literature and Politics
  • Teacher Education and Teaching Methodologies


  • PhD in Spanish Literature, University of Navarre, 2004
  • MS in Computer Science, University of Rhode Island, 2011
  • MATCP, Spanish/Secondary Education, University of Rhode Island, 2017 

Selected Publications

“Dewey’s Thought on Education and Social Change”. Journal of Thought. December 2018.

“Addressing our students’ needs: Combined task-based and project-based methodology in second language and CLIL courses.” Integration of theory and practice in CLIL. Eds. Ruth Breeze, Carmen Llamas Saíz, et alii. Amsterdam/New York: Rodopi , 2014, pp. 97-108.

“Que nadie empañe el sol: el pensamiento quevediano sobre la monarquía y el valimiento.” Ed. María Idoya Zorroza. Virtudes políticas en el Siglo de Oro. Pamplona: Eunsa, 2013, pp. 213-30.

“Los beneficios del Enfoque por tareas aplicado al Aprendizaje integrado de contenidos”. Congreso Internacional “Propuestas prácticas para el aprendizaje integrado de contenidos y lenguas extranjeras (AICLE)”. Servicio de Publicaciones, Universidad de Navarra, 2012.