Bachelor of Landscape Architecture


URI’s Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (B.L.A.) degree is a four-year, 126-credit program, fully accredited by the American Society of Landscape Architects. The program is designed to prepare you for professional careers in public and private practice.

URI’s B.L.A. program is competitive, as accreditation standards limit the number of students accepted into the major to 20 per year. While enrolled in the program, you will be reviewed twice during your course of studies: first for admission into the lower-division design sequence and again for acceptance into the upper-division B.L.A. major.

Admission into the lower-division design sequence courses requires department approval. About half the openings are filled by students entering as first year students who maintain a minimum 2.50 GPA with no grades in LAR courses below a C. The remaining openings are filled by URI students who transfer into landscape architecture from other majors. Acceptance into the upper division (junior design sequence) is based on submission and review of a portfolio of lower-division work, current academic transcript, and written essay.


Landscape architecture is a profession that involves the design, planning, preservation, and restoration of the landscape by applying art, science, and technology to achieve the best use of our land and water resources. Landscape architects design and plan parks, plazas, and recreation areas; residential, institutional and commercial developments; transportation facilities, waterfronts, new towns and campus landscapes; and green infrastructure.

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