University Manual

The University Manual is a compilation of statutes, policies, procedures, and descriptions that guide the University of Rhode Island in support of its mission.  

The Manual is created through the framework of shared governance between the university faculty and administration under the University of Rhode Island Board of Trustees.  It is a source of information regarding the structure, rights, regulations, and practices that govern university life.  The content of this Manual exists in a dynamic environment and is updated as changes are legislated or issued by presidential administrative action, as appropriate. The Manual is considered to be the official university policy document and, as such, takes precedence over other internal policy statements inconsistent or conflicting with the Manual.

Chapter 1: Statutes and Rules for the Government of the University

Chapter 2: The Administration

Chapter 3: The Colleges, Schools and Divisions of the University

Chapter 4: The Faculty

Chapter 5: Committees of the University

Chapter 6: Regulations of the University

Chapter 7: Faculty and Staff

Chapter 8: Academic Regulations

Chapter 9: Student Activities

Chapter 10: Administrative Procedures

Chapter 11: Procedures for Changing the Manual