Maple Marinated Bacon-Wrapped Scallops


24 fresh bay scallops

1 cup maple syrup

6-8 slices bacon

24 toothpicks

Directions: Rinse scallops under cold water to remove sand and cartilage. Cut bacon strips into 24 equal pieces. Wrap bacon pieces around scallops overlapping end to secure with toothpicks. Place scallops in a shallow glass dish, pour syrup over and toss to coat. Marinate in the refrigerator one hour – tossing to coat occasionally. Broil in oven or on the grill, basting and turning until bacon is crisp on all sides and scallops are firm. Drain on paper towel or plate, and serve.

Note: Soak toothpicks in water for 5 minutes before using to avoid catching fire when cooking.