Welcome to Food Science and Nutrition Research Center

The Food Science and Nutrition Research Center (FSNRC) was established in 1987 to house the graduate education and research programs in Food Science and Nutritional Science. The Center is administered by the College of the Environment and Life Sciences and located off-campus West Kingston two miles from the main campus.

The Center consists of food and seafood pilot plants with supporting analytical and biomaterial testing labs, flavor and lipid biochemistry lab, food quality lab, and biohazard labs, and instrument lab. Special equipment include surimi and fish mince processing lines, Dixie retort (canning), Virtis freeze and Anhydro spray driers, Brabender extruder, Instron testing machine and Bohlin rheometer, TA Instruments DSC, Perkin-Elmer GC, HPLC, FPLC, and molecular dynamic phosphor imager.

The Center’s current research foci are in Marine Bioconversion, Biomaterial Chemistry and Properties, Food Safety and Quality, and Aquaculture Feeds and Nutraceuticals Development from Marine Resources and Processing Byproducts.

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