Diep Saeeda

Location: Pakistan

Level of Training: 

(Level I – 2014)

(Level 2 – 2019)


I am a peace and human rights activist with twenty years of standing at the national and international front. I am the Founding Director of the Institute for Peace & Secular Studies (IPSS), a volunteer-based community organization established to counter religious extremism, promote and defend the rights of minorities and help foster friendly relations between Pakistan and its neighboring countries. IPSS grew from a one-person organization to an institute with a mass following in and outside Pakistan and a prominent presence in the public space as well as on social media. I was honored to receive the Mother Teresa Award for Social Justice, Nirmala Deshpandey Award from the Gandhi Global Family, Peace Award from the Jammu & Kashmir Peace Foundation, Peace Award from the Gandhi Peace Foundation, the Human Rights Defender Award from the Government of Pakistan, Award of Honor from Yuvsatta, Peace Keepers Award Pakistan, and the Star Peace Award from the Association for Communal Harmony Asia.  https://peaceandsecularstudies.org/

Contact Information: saeedadiep@yahoo.com