Rowdy S. Duncan

Location: Arizona, USA 

Level of Training: (Level I – 2014)


My name is Rowdy Duncan.  I have worked in the field of higher education for roughly 8 years. I received my Bachelors in Communication in 1998 with an emphasis in Intercultural Communication. I have worked in Peer Mentoring groups in the past where my goal was to educate people on Prevention topics (like Drug Prevention, Domestic Violence Prevention) and Diversity/Inclusion topics. I have completed director training from the Anytown/Ourtown programs and have used these experiences to teach about commonalities among peers as well as inclusiveness appreciation.  I have also worked at Rio Salado as an Academic Advisor, as well as Honors, and I am now situated in Student Life and Leadership as a Program Specialist.

November 2019 update:

Nonviolence trainer Rowdy Duncan is debunking stereotypes at his university, Phoenix College. He trained with the Center at the International Nonviolence Summer Institute in 2014 and has been a changemaker ever since.

New to PC as a Communication Faculty, Rowdy has already made a name for himself outside of academia. As a speaker/trainer/consultant with his own company, he hosts and produces a bi-weekly podcast called The Inclusive Activism – which explores the intersections of being an activist for those of marginalized background and how it makes you a better happier person

“At Phoenix College, my favorite classes to teach are COM110 Interpersonal Communication (I call it the keys to happiness) COM225; Public Speaking (I am a paid traveling public speaker); and COM263 Intercultural Communication (i.e. what is wrong with the world and how to better fix it and make new friends and allies),” says Duncan. “I enjoy living a life of service when I can – and try to incorporate service-learning into my courses as doing so has had some excellent outcomes in terms of empowerment and helping students see the ability to make a positive difference in our world.”

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