Guest Lecturer, His Eminence Kundeling Rinpoche

The Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies is honored to host His Eminence Kundeling Rinpoche, the 13th Reincarnation of the Kundeling Tatsak, as a guest lecturer on Friday, March 3, at 3 pm. 

H.E. Kundeling Rinpoche is a highly recognized Lama. He travels worldwide to teach and promote peace, compassion, and human virtues. He earned his Geshe (Doctorate) in Buddhist Studies from Drepung Monastic University, which was re-established at Mudgod, Karnataka, in South India.

Rinpoche will discuss how to Become a Positive Global Citizen based on universal human values. The event will occur in Ballentine Hall, number 115, at the University of Rhode Island. The talk is free and open to students, staff, faculty, and the public.