Letter of Gratitude from Aamir Amjad, Pakistani Trainer

AmirAugust 23, 2017

Dear Sir Paul,

I hope this email finds  you well and you have had a good rest after a busy summer school days. I am almost settled down in my work after a long break and also getting pace to connect more people on my learned knowledge. I am writing you this email to say my gratitude and thanks for all the wonderful learning You, Kay and rest of the team imparted to me and my fellows to deal the violence and hatred with nonviolence and love. I am truly thankful for providing me this great learning opportunity, which not only refined my intellectual knowledge but also helped me understand the powerful idea of peace and nonviolence against the forces of injustice and inequality.

I have already started to apply the learned methods in my training and got a wonderful feedback from my young participants and organizers about the knowledgeable skills I imparted to them. But this all credit goes to you and URI Summer School team.

I am still in the initial process to register my own center/ organization, but actually there is no update from the government side as the current government is not friendly to the non for profits and NGO to carry out their work. Therefore, we are still waiting when this all uncertainly ends 🙁

Before I conclude this thank you note, I would like to offer my services wherever you like me to involve as co-trainer/ volunteer/ assistant or any other capacity, you feel I would a helping hand to you and your training team.

Once again I thank you, Kay, Kazu, all other co-trainers and assistant for being such a wonderful host and including me into this Beloved Community and Global Peace Family.

Here I conclude with my best regards and wishes to all of you!


Aamir Amjad, Pakistan