Accelerated B.S. to M.E.S.M. Program (ABM)

ABM Program in Natural Resources Science

The accelerated B.S. to M.E.S.M. Program (ABM) in Natural Resources Science will offer qualified students the opportunity to complete both the B.S. in Wildlife and Conservation Biology or Environmental Science and Management, and the Masters of Environmental Science and Management (M.E.S.M.), a non-thesis professional degree, in five years.

Students will typically complete their B.S. degree requirements by the end of the fourth year, and then complete the M.E.S.M. degree requirements by the end of their fifth year. The students accepted into the ABM in Natural Resources Science program will be able to double count approved course credits toward both degrees, constituting up to one-third (12 credits) of the total credits required for the M.E.S.M. degree (36 credits total). 

Additional information:

Clinical Assistant Professor, Director of MESM Program

Department of Natural Resources Science