Master of Environmental Science and Management


The Master of Environmental Science and Management (MESM) is an interdisciplinary Master’s Degree Program focused on building expertise for working professionals and preparing them to apply environmental science and technology to real-world problems.

There are eight unique specializations that are available within the MESM program. 


Advance the work you do

You’ll deepen your understanding of the fundamental principles of environmental science across disciplines and how human activities affect environmental conditions. A Masters of Environmental Science and Management will enable you to:

Determine the current state of scientific knowledge of an environmental issue.

Learn how to use statistical procedures to describe quantitative data, discern patterns and trends in data, and perform inferential tests of hypotheses.

Integrate multidisciplinary aspects of real-world environmental problems to create practical, viable solutions to those problems.

Expand your network and effectively communicate scientific solutions to multiple audiences including the public, decision‐makers, stakeholders, and scientists.

MESM Leadership Team

MESM Co-Director, Professor; Coordinator, Earth and Hydrolic Science



MESM Co-Director, Clinical Assistant Professor

Natural Resources Science


MESM Program Coordinator, Research Associate IV

Fisheries, Animal and Veterinary Sciences


MESM Co-Director, Clinical Assistant Professor; Coordinator, Wetland, Watershed and Ecosystem Science

Natural Resources Science