Photos: Newest URI nursing students receive their white coats

Semi-annual White Coat Ceremony signifies students’ transition into full-scale nursing education

Interim Dean Betty Rambur and the faculty of the URI College of Nursing welcomed the Class of 2025 into the nursing profession during the semi-annual White Coat Ceremony Friday morning in Edwards Auditorium.

Rambur, along with Professor Diane Martins and Assistant Professor Jung Eun Lee greeted the nursing students before the keynote address offered by actor, clown, emergency nurse and associate professor Tim Cunningham urged the students to dedicate themselves to “the world’s greatest profession.” Cunningham told stories from his nursing career, including his experiences with Partners in Health in West Africa during the ebola outbreak there in 2014-2016.

Students then crossed the stage to receive their white lab coats, before reciting a pledge to uphold the ethics and principles of the nursing profession, which reads:

“As a nurse dedicated to providing the highest quality care and service, I solemnly pledge that I will:

  • Consider the welfare of humanity and relief of suffering my primary concerns;
  • Act in a compassionate and trustworthy manner in all aspects of my care;
  • Apply my knowledge, experience and skills to the best of my ability to assure optimal outcomes for my patients;
  • Exercise sound professional judgment while abiding by legal and ethical requirements;
  • Accept the lifelong obligation to improve my professional knowledge and competence;
  • Promote, advocate for and strive to protect the health, safety and rights of the patient.
  • With this pledge, I accept the duties and responsibilities that embody the nursing profession. I take this oath voluntarily with the full realization of the responsibility with which I am entrusted by the public.”