Patricia Burbank, DNSc, RN, FAAN

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  • Office Location: RI NEC Room 230, 350 Eddy St., Providence, RI, 02905


Dr. Patricia Burbank’s longstanding commitment is to teach, research, and practice in gerontological nursing and health innovations. Teaching areas include philosophy of science, theoretical foundations of nursing science, aging and health, and health innovations. She is a faculty member in the Rhode Island Geriatric Education Center, where she works with an interdisciplinary team. Dr. Burbank is also on the board of SAGE/RI (Services and Advocacy for Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Elders of Rhode Island).

Dr. Burbank is the author/editor of numerous publications including three books: Drug Therapy and the Elderly (with A. Swonger), Promoting Exercise among Older Adults: Interventions with the Transtheoretical Model (edited with D. Riebe), and the award winning, Vulnerable Older Adults: Issues and Strategies. Her research and scholarly work include topics such as exercise promotion among older adults, participation in interdisciplinary research on the effects of interventions using the Transtheoretical Model to change exercise and nutrition behavior in older adults, an evaluation of a fall prevention program with community-dwelling older adults and identifying issues and needs of older gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender older adults in Rhode Island. Dr. Burbank has been an inventor and co-inventor of two technologies related to measuring gait and promoting exercise among older adults and cofounder of two start-up companies, receiving URI’s intellectual property award. She has the distinction of being a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing for her national and international contributions to nursing.


Gerontology, application of the transtheoretical model; LGBTQ health


D.NSc Nursing, Boston University
M.S. Nursing, Boston University
B.S. Nursing, University of Rhode Island

Selected Publications

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