BPS560 Fundamentals of Cosmetic Science

Credits   3 credits
Coordinator/Primary Instructor   Dr. M.S.Kislalioglu
Catalog Description   Study of the function and behavior of skin hair and nails; their response to environmental, physiological. and aging factors; cosmetic regulations in the States and the World, pertaining to cosmetic product safety and manufacturing;  dermatological reactions of the skin, hair and nails to cosmetic raw materials and formulations; functions, properties, stability, and possible side effects of the active and inactive cosmetic ingredients and formulations.
Estimated Enrollment   20

Detailed Course Description

Cosmetic products are used widely around the world like food and medicines. They don’t contain drugs, but have active ingredients that influence the skin, hair and nails. Their effects are mostly protective against deleterious environmental and intrinsic factors that cause changes in the anatomy and physiology of the skin, skin appendages and teeth. Cosmeceuticals and topical OTC products which contain active ingredients maintain the youth, health and basic functions of the skin and appendages and are widely used.

However, the increased utility caused increase in the frequency of cosmetics related contact allergy and irritation reports among the other side effects reported in the medical literature. In order to advise the patients correctly and in depth, the Pharmacist should be aware of the nature and properties of the cosmetic products and ingredients involved. In this course, the Cosmetic and Sun-screening Regulations will also be studied by giving particular emphasize to the cosmeceuticals, natural and semi-natural ingredients, active cosmetic products and dermatologicals.

Activities/Class Format

Didactic lectures
I will be lecturing in topics relating to the utility of perception in beauty definitions; anthropology of cosmetic use; structure and health  of skin, hair, nails and teeth; contact irritation and allergy; moisture defects and treatment; details of ageing and darkening of the skin and remedies involved; sunscreens and acne, in addition to the ingredients and products involved and of skin fillers. We may have two or more visiting lecturers from the industry to lecture or for demonstrations. Additionally, we will discuss the value of harmonization in cosmetic production and sales. I will provide printed lecture notes and a study guide.

Homework/In-Class Activities
Short group exercises that will be conducted in the classroom to demonstrate 1. The importance of perceived qualities of the materials and colors in cosmetics 2. Skin moisture and conductivity, 3. Evaluation of the hair health. As homework, two papers selected from the literature will be discussed in the classroom in the form of roundtable discussions.

A midterm and a final will be given as questions needing short answers, discussions or multiple choices. The final exam will include the material presented in the lectures, the research articles assigned and discussed, and information gained by in-class exercises. The weight of the midterm in the final grade will be 25% and of final 35%.

I will give two quizzes that will need short answers from the topic that was presented in a previous class. The total weight of the quizzes towards the final grade will be 10%.

Research Project
The students can either conduct a small research project by working as groups of 3-4 or by writing a review paper. If you choose the research project, the quality should be such that it can be presented as a poster in one of the pharmacy meetings when it is finalized. The topic selection will be made from the list that I will provide. You may also propose a topic related to cosmetics and cosmetic use.

The work load involved in this project can be summarized as follows: Specification of your objectives, writing your proposal (2 pages), preparation of the questionnaire, selection of participants and obtaining permission, interpretation of the data obtained by using proper  statistical methodology and writing your paper, as if you are going to submit it to one of the Pharmacy journals.  You will also present your data in the class as a 15 minutes lecture.  I will meet with you anytime upon your request to follow the progress of this study. The weight contribution of this exercise towards your final is  30% (20% is the paper and 10% presentation)

Review Paper and presentation
A maximum of five pages typed, (single space) review paper, with exceptions of the tables, figures and references and not exceeding 2500 words will be prepared by reading at least 10 primary and secondary and, few tertiary references.  The papers written will be presented in the class as 15 minutes lectures. The contribution of this activity towards your final grade will be 30% (Paper 20%+presentation 10%).

Learning Objectives

  1. Gain updated information on cosmetic science; properties of the skin, hair and nails and the cosmetic products and ingredients that may actively affect these properties.
  2. Apply information gained to advice consumers correctly and effectively.
  3. Be able to advise the consumers on proper utility and adverse affects of cosmetics
  4. Be able to recognize the ingredient(s) that can be effective or problematic for an individual with specific needs or complaint
  5. Be able to make comparisons between the cosmetic products and evaluate their suitability for a particular need.
  6. Critically review, analyze, and evaluate scientific data and basic research in cosmetic science.