Jared DeRossi ’16

  • Hometown: Dix Hills, New York
  • Major: Pharm.D.
  • Graduation Year: 2016 

Why did you choose URI?

I chose URI for the promise of its state-of-the-art facilities—the new pharmacy building was not yet completed at the time. URI delivered on its promise—and then some. Also, aesthetically the campus was gorgeous  I could  picture spending my six years here without a doubt.
Why did you choose the Pharm.D. program?
I chose the Pharm.D. program for a couple of reasons. URI has a great reputation in the field, and having the University of Rhode Island on your degree holds weight. I also liked the fact that Pharm.D. is a 0-6 program, so you do not need to reapply to pharmacy school after your first two years.
What made you decide to become a pharmacist?
My reason was a very personal one. A pharmacist actually saved my aunt’s life by catching a potentially fatal drug interaction that a doctor made by mistake. I realized I wanted to be the one who could catch those mistakes and have that kind of impact.
What has been the best part of your studies in the College of Pharmacy?
The best part of my studies at the College of Pharmacy has definitely been working with the professors. They   take a real interest in your development. Every single professor here at the College is very approachable . If you introduce yourself and make the effort for them to get to know you they are always there to help you.
What has been the best part of your entire URI experience?
The best part of my entire experience at URI is the community that exists on campus. There are always new people to meet. On a nice day you can walk onto the Quad and just jump into a game of Frisbee or a pick-up game of football. I have not run into an unfriendly person on this campus.
What do you consider the biggest strengths of your major or program?
The biggest strength of the Pharm.D. program has to be the faculty. They are all experts in their fields, not just teachers. They bring up their own research and explain everything to make sure you understand, and if  you don’t, they are wiling to take time with you.
What was your favorite experiential education placement so far?
My favorite was a placement at Glen Cove Hospital back home in New York. I loved this rotation because it was something different.  I work in retail, so everything was new and the staff there was really good at facilitating my learning. Also, I really liked going on rounds with the pharmacist to the different departments—e.g., Psych, Osteo, Rehab, etc.—and seeing how the role of the pharmacist is changing in today’s world. 
What has surprised you most about URI?
What has surprised me the most about URI was, oddly enough, the quality of the food at the dining halls. All my older cousins talked about how bad the food was at their schools, so obviously I was worried. On average the food is exceptional here and there are many options to choose from. When my parents come to visit they would rather go to my dining hall than a restaurant.