Future College of Pharmacy Students


Sources are based on the most current available data

  • Tuition – AACP Tuition and Fees at US Schools of Pharmacy – 2022-23 (Accessed 3-23)
  • NAPLEX – NABP Pharmacy Board passing rates for Class of 2022 Graduates Per Pharmacy School (Updated 3-23)
  • Residency – ASHP Residency Program Summary – 2023 (Updated 7-23)
  • Research Funding – AACP Funded Research Grant Institutional Rankings – The latest data available is for Federal Fiscal Year 2022 (Updated7-23)
  • Survey Data – AACP Survey of US Schools of Pharmacy Class of 2022 (Accessed 3-23)
  • Employment- AACP Class of 2022 Employment reported by US Schools of Pharmacy -(Accessed 3-23)


Tuition data reflects tuition and fees for a 4-year professional program, or a 3-year accelerated program