Hannah Leahy

  • RAMBassador
  • BSPS 2024


My name is Hannah Leahy and I am a senior pharmaceutical science student from Freetown, MA. I am also enrolled in the accelerated bachelors to masters program for pharmaceutical science with a concentration in pharmacology. I am a part of one of the many research labs within the college of pharmacy as well working as a research assistant. Also, I have completed two summer internships; one at Invagen, a Subsidiary of Cipla as a quality control intern and another at Theromics Inc. as a biotechnology intern. Outside of academics, I am involved in many different communities at the University of Rhode Island. I am a member of Chi Omega, a social sorority, as well as Alpha Zeta Omega, a professional pharmacy fraternity. Lastly, I am a class representative for the BSPS 2024 class. Outside of school, some interests I have are lifting, reading, walking, boating, and playing with my dog.