University Policies

Policies express the goals and guiding principles of the University. They are governing documents that provide a framework for institutional decision-making and guide the actions of the University and campus community as a whole.

Academic Policies

Academic Policies pertain specifically to educational matters relating to teaching, research, and study, and student exercise, discipline, and government, including academic standards (e.g., standing, admission, dismissal, attendance, grading), the University calendar, University-wide curriculum matters, and research and patent policy as they may affect the faculty as a whole, as well as student activities. 

These Academic Policies are developed by the Faculty Senate and can be found in the University Manual, as well as the Student Handbook, and, specific to graduate students at URI, the Graduate School Manual.

Administrative Policies

Administrative Policies are policies other than an Academic Policy and those that control University business operations, infrastructure, workplace behavior and standards, safety and compliance, and similar areas. Administrative Policies are developed by the Administrative Policy Committee, a Presidential Committee described in the University Manual (5.29.10), and can be found at the University’s Administrative Policies webpage.