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This is the official source for administrative policies at the University.

Where appropriate, official procedures are listed with the official policy. Departments may have additional practices, standards, or guidelines to control activities at the University, though these guidelines may not contradict the terms of any University policy.

Copies of policies duplicated elsewhere or that are inconsistent with the policies posted here may not be the most up-to-date version and should be disregarded. Older versions of existing policies may be found in the Administrative Policy Archives.

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Uncrewed Aircraft Systems 02.102.2 Administration and Finance Procedure
The University of Rhode Island authorizes the use of Small Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (“Small UAS”) on University Property and in conjunction with University-Related Activities via a permitting process on an individual, project-driven basis. Annual permits may be issued to qualified University-sponsored researchers and public safety users. The use of other categories of Uncrewed Aircraft systems […]
Found 1 result