B.A. in Political Science


Adaptors will rule the 21st century. Today, college students can anticipate changing jobs many times throughout their lifetimes and probably even have more than one profession.

An undergraduate education in Political Science prepares you for flexibility in employment, as the major will help you develop your reading, writing, research, presentation, applied statistics, and analytic skills. These skills will not become obsolete. Training in political science does not prepare you for a specific job that may not be in demand in a decade, but will give you skills that you can use in almost any job.

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Common Career Paths:

  • Law
  • Business and Finance
  • Journalism and Communications
  • Research
  • Federal Government and Politics
  • State or Local Government and Politics
  • Interest Groups and Community Organizations
  • International Organizations and Foreign Service
  • Campaign Management and Political Polling
  • Teaching
  • Personnel Management
  • Common Post-Graduate Studies:
  • Political Science
  • MSR (Masters in Survey Research)
  • Public Administration
  • Policy Administration
  • Business Management
  • Social Work
  • Urban Planning