B.A. in Political Science


The Bachelor of Arts degree in political science includes the study of governments, political philosophy, international political organizations, civil and international conflict, public policies, political processes, political movements, campaigns and political behavior.

If you’re interested in critical issues such as health, the environment, political campaigns, civil rights, international conflict and civil war, and you want to explore how power and resources are allocated in society, you should consider studying political science.

Increasingly, pundits, political leaders, and scientists recognize that to solve the world’s big problems it is not enough to simply promote advances in one narrow field such as biology, engineering or finance. Many of the key innovations needed to solve our greatest challenges already exist; the barriers to success are often political, not technical.

As a political science student you will deeply explore the diverse cultures and political institutions of other parts of the world. And you will learn to analyze politics and public policies using analytic techniques such as applied statistics.

The Political Science B.A. is designed to accommodate double majors and minors.  The Political Science B.A. also offers an Accelerated B.A. to M.A. (ABM) option with our Masters in International Relations program.