Faculty Annual Review, Promotion and Tenure

The University has an online system for faculty review. Candidates (faculty members) prepare electronic portfolios that provide an organized and clear summary of their performance accomplishments for a review period.

All Review, Promotion, and Tenure cases occur through Interfolio RPT. Faculty now have the option to use Interfolio Faculty180 to support forms and case creation.

Promotion/Review Cycle

By May 1 of each year, the chairperson must provide the the names of faculty scheduled for review, and the names of those who have requested a review, to the department faculty and the College Dean.

College Deans submit these names to the Office of the Provost who creates the promotion/review cases in Interfolio. When the case has been created by the Office of the Provost, the candidate will receive an email from Interfolio notifying them of such.

Faculty dossiers must be uploaded into Interfolio and ready for review by October 1st (See Article 15 of the AAUP Contract for details).

Visit the “Candidate” or “Administrator/Chair” links below to access additional information and Interfolio training videos.

Interfolio Login

Interfolio is part of the URI Single Sign-On (SSO) platform. To login click on “Partner Institution”

Here, enter “University of Rhode Island,” as you start to type “Rhode Island,” you will find “University of Rhode Island” will populate!

From here you will be routed to URI’s SSO login page for sign. If you have your credentials cached, then you are all set, and you’ll be logged into Interfolio!

Please see our FAQ section for questions about the login process.

Interfolio Terminology

Review, Promotion & Tenure (RPT): An Interfolio module used to facilitate the review process anytime a candidate submits materials and one or as series of committees need to review or approve the materials.

Templates: The building blocks of Review Promotion and Tenure that allow Administrators to create a standardized, repeatable process for all review cases in their institution, colleges, schools, and departments.

Packet: The collection of materials by which a candidate is being reviewed (documents and other files).  Your packet is the formal collection of materials used for review.  This is NOT to be mistaken for Dossier.

Dossier: A tool for faculty to store and manage job, fellowship, and promotion or review documents in one place. The Dossier will act as the central archiving tool for your candidate’s materials. All information submitted for a review will be copied into the faculty Dossier for archiving or reusability purposes.  This is NOT to be mistaken for your Packet.

Case: The instance of a faculty review, promotion, and tenure decision.  It consists of a faculty member’s packet and workflow for review.

Committee Managers: Department Chairs and College Deans