Research Security
Export Controls:

The National Science Foundation has released four interactive online research security training modules,, free to researchers and institutions. These modules are designed to provide Principal Investigators and their Research Team members with information on risks and threats and the knowledge and tools necessary to protect against these risks.

URI offers online export control compliance training on CITI. There are multiple training topics. Select the right training for your needs. To access the courses, first create a free account with CITI, affiliate with the University of Rhode Island as part of the account set-up, then select the course(s) you wish to complete. For more information on how to navigate the CITI website, please refer to the URI CITI Guidance.

DoD Mandatory CUI Training

  • Per DoD instruction 5200.48, every individual at every level, including DoD civilian and military personnel as well as contractors providing support to the DoD, will comply with the requirements in Paragraph 3.6.f of this issuance for initial and annual refresher CUI training.
  • Video & Quiz. Prior to closing the course, print or save your certificate!