Rhode Island Infectious Diseases Research Program

Partnership with the Providence Veterans Affairs Medical Center and The University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy

Antimicrobial resistance is globally recognized as one of the greatest healthcare threats. Our research program is focused on the prevention, treatment, virulence inhibition and clinical outcomes associated with drug resistant bacteria. The program is divided into three divisions: the antimicrobial pharmacology division, the outcomes and pharmacoepidemiology division, and the implementation science outreach division.

We welcome your thoughts and comments. Please contact Program Director Kerry LaPlante, Pharm.D. FCCP, FIDSA, FIDP


We study the treatment, outcomes and prevention of infectious diseases caused by
important bacterial pathogens that affect the health of Veterans and public health. We do
this by training and mentoring the next generation of progressive researchers in infectious
diseases.  We share our knowledge through publication and education.


Prevent human suffering and death related to bacterial infections