Instrument Fees

Payment Instructions for URI Users only:

  • PeopleSoft Vendor ID: URI_PHA
  • Category: 448 (Cost Center)
  • One-time submission or use: Create an Internal Vendor (IV) PO.
  • Multiple submissions or use: Create a College Requisition (CR) for a Blanket PO.

-For blanket POs, provide start /end dates and include text that this is for use of the INBRE core facility.

Please direct any questions to:
Dr. Ang Cai (, 401.874.5731) or
Janet Atoyan (, 401.874.5919)




RATE ($)

Mass SpectrometerApplied Biosystems LC-MSHour18
Mass SpectrometerShimadzu MALDI-TOFHour18
Mass SpectrometerThermo Elemental ICP-MSHour18
Advanced AnalysisBD FACSVerse Flow CytometerHour13
Advanced AnalysisBiaCoreHour13
Advanced AnalysisSeahorse XFe96 AnalyzerHour13
PCR / qPCRApplied Biosystems Viia7 qPCRHour10
PCR / qPCRRoche LightCyclerHour10
PCR / qPCRThermocycler- PCRHour10
Cell Culture HoodCell Culture Facility HoodHour7
Cell CultureCell Culture Facility IncubatorDay7
Cell CultureIncubatorDAY7
Cell CultureRoche XcelligenceDAY9
ChromatographyGE FPLC SystemHour7
ChromatographyHitachi UHPLCHour7
ChromatographyMetrohm Ion Chromatographhour7
ChromatographyShimadzu HPLCHour7
ImagingAzure Sapphire ImagerHour8
ImagingBiotek Cytation 5 ImagerHour8
ImagingLi-COR C-Digit Blot ScannerHour8
ImagingLi-COR Odyssey Infrared Imager ScannerHour8
SpectroscopyGenesys 50 UV/VIS SpectrophotometerHour8
SpectroscopyGlowMax LuminometerHour8
SpectroscopyJasco CD SpectropolarimeterHour8
SpectroscopyMolecular Devices ID3 Microplate ReaderHour8
SpectroscopyMolecular Devices M2 Microplate ReaderHour8
SpectroscopyNanoDrop ND 1000 UV/VIS SpectrophotometerHour8
SpectroscopyOptima Plate ReaderHour8
SpectroscopyThermo Electron FT IR SpectrometerHour8
MicroscopyEVOS FL Auto Cell Imaging SystemHour14
MicroscopyNikon Inverted Confocal Microscope SystemHour14
MicroscopyNikon Upright Microscope SystemHour14
CentrifugationCentrifuge (High speed)Hour8
CentrifugationCentrifuge (Micro Ultra)Hour8
CentrifugationCentrifuge (Ultra)Hour8
CentrifugationEppendorf MicrocentrifugeHour8
CentrifugationTabletop in Cell Culture RoomHour8
MicrobalanceSartorius BalanceRun4