The instruments housed in the CRCF are commonly used by scientists in the chemical, biophysical, biomedical, and pharmaceutical sciences fields. Major instrumentation in the CRCF is divided into several categories relevant to biomedical research, including mass spectrometry, chromatography, spectroscopy, molecular biology, cell culture, centrifugation, imaging.

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Instrument Training

Only trained personnel have the access to use the instruments at the RI-INBRE Centralized Research Core Facility. At the RI-INBRE Centralized Research Core Facility, our commitment revolves around offering fundamental training sessions to acquaint users with the available instrumentation and operational protocols. It’s important to note that while we provide essential training, users are encouraged to take ownership of their research methodologies and experimental conditions. Our facility serves as a resource hub where researchers, having gained foundational knowledge, are empowered to optimize methods and conditions tailored to their specific experiments. This approach fosters a collaborative environment wherein users leverage their expertise to refine and fine-tune methodologies, ensuring precise and tailored outcomes for their research endeavors.


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