Speech-Language Services

Speech-Language Evaluations

Complete speech and language assessments of adults and children involve comprehensive testing and reporting of results. Areas include the evaluation of

  • articulation/phonology (speech sound) disorders,
  • oral and written language disorders,
  • stuttering, and
  • voice disorders.

Speech-Language Therapy

Ongoing therapy for all speech and language disorders for both adults and children. Sessions typically range from once to twice weekly, and may be in an individual or group setting.

Adult Neurogenic Clinic

Speech-language and cognitive testing and therapeutic services for adults with neurological disorders following stroke or traumatic brain injury.

Specialized Programs

We offer a number of group programs, led by faculty experts from the department of communicative disorders, that provide specialized therapy to individuals with conditions including aphasia, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s, and more.


The URI Speech and Hearing Centers are providers for most major insurance plans. Fees for clinical services are reduced for members of the URI community. Fees for private pay are modest and may be adjusted consistent with ability to pay.