Prison Reform in the Era of Mass Incarceration: How to Create a Culture of Wellness? (2019)

Natalie Pifer, Assistant Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Mass incarceration has not only marked a dramatic increase in the number of people sent to prison with harsher sentences– it has also created a decline in prison conditions themselves. Confinement has become more extreme, a hallmark of which is the increased use of solitary confinement. Dr. Natalie Pifer (Criminology and Criminal Justice), is working this summer to analyze reforms in Maine’s Department of Corrections that have been successful at remediating these harsh conditions and creating a culture of wellness. Dr. Pifer’s analysis focuses on Maine’s recent history of reforms, the impact of those reforms on administrators, staff, and prisoners, and the effect that organizational culture has on the implementation of reforms. SSIREP is helping support her travel and research.