Social Science Perspectives on Systemic Racism

The Social Science Institute for Research, Education, and Policy condemns the murders and denial of fundamental constitutional protections to Black Americans. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony Dade, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks, are just a few of the thousands of Black Americans who have senselessly lost their lives due to racism in the United States. Countless others have been denied equity, justice, and opportunity in education, voting, employment and housing.

Black Lives Matter. The leadership of SSIREP upholds the rights of Black Americans to equality and justice under the law and in all aspects of society including, but not limited to, education, voting, employment, and housing.

Education and research on the history and current manifestations of racial inequality and the historical and continued subjugation of the African Diaspora lies at the center of many social science disciplines. We have an obligation to understand public policies that can decrease systemic racism and highlight public policies that institutionalize racism, in addition to addressing the socio-psychological mechanisms of racism against Black people. This page serves as a resource, offered by some of URI’s social science faculty, and includes public lectures and research spotlights that addresses the causes and consequences of systemic racism.