The Future of McCoy Stadium

Screenshot (71)What should the state do with the soon to be vacant McCoy Stadium? Bridget Hall and Michael Steiner, in Shanna Pearson-Merkowitz’s 2016 HPR 412 course, conducted a detailed analysis of what options there are for the stadium and the costs and benefits of each option.

In Shanna Pearson-Merkowitz’s 2016 HPR 412 course, students Bridget Hall and Michael Steiner wondered what would happen with McCoy Stadium. At the time, it was unsure whether the Pawsox would remain there. Interested in what Rhode Island should do with a potentially empty stadium, they conducted detailed analyses into the stadium’s possible futures. Now that the Pawtucket Red Sox have decided to vacate the stadium, Hall, Steiner, and Pearson-Merkowitz’s research is incredibly relevant. View the McCoy stadium report brief here. Read the full report here. (This report was published by The Collaborative. The link provided for the full report is from an archived copy of their website. As a result, some linked resources may not display as originally intended.)