The Inclusive Housing Project

Primary Investigators: Drs. Brendan Skip Mark, Assistant Professor of Political Science (pictured in top row, left); Richard McIntyre, Professor of Economics (top row, center); Shanna Pearson-Merkowitz, Professor of Political Science (top row, right); and Robert Widell, Associate Professor of History (center row, left)

In partnership with the South Kingstown Housing Authority and the Johnnycake Center, faculty investigators will work together with students–including , Olivia Johnson (pictured above in the bottom row, at left), Patrice Pierre (middle row, center), Yisel Vasquez (middle row, right), Katie Norman (middle row, center), and Breanni Torres–to produce an oral history of South Kingstown’s public housing; develop and deploy a community survey of public housing residents and waitlistees to assess constituent needs; and conduct a review of best practices for public housing financing and design that builds social capital and integration of the community.