Dr. Erasme Uyizeye awarded Diversity Fellowship by NIEHS

Dr. Erasme Uyizeye conducts fieldwork in Maine.

Dr. Erasme Uyizeye, Academic Data Analyst at University System of New Hampshire was awarded a supplemental fellowship to increase diversity in NIEHS. Dr. Uyizeye’s project will provide a comparative understanding of the occurrence, bioaccumulation, fate and effects of PFAS in insect communities between various point sources in Maine waterways. The project will reveal PFAS categories that are released from different point and diffuse sources and their respective adverse effects on the environment. Additionally, phylogenetic difference in bioaccumulation will be understood which will give insight on the adaptation trajectory of aquatic insects to the current PFAS pollutants. This can inform toxicological regulations on the contemporary pollution degree of PFAS. Such an understanding of evolutionary adaptation will also be important for conservation efforts of aquatic species and their potential use as bioindicators in ecosystem monitoring.