On-Line Requisitioning Information

The University of Rhode Island began implementing PeopleSoft on-line requisitioning as a pilot program with the College of Engineering on May 3, 2010.

The purpose of PeopleSoft on-line requisitioning is to streamline the requisition approval process by eliminating the need to generate printed requisitions for manual signature approvals. Implementing workflow has significantly improved the time-consuming process of transferring printed requisitions from one hand to the next through the use of technology that will automate the approval process in addition to pre-encumbering/encumbering the funds.

On-line requisitioning is used for procurements including external and internal vendors as well as processing Limited Value Purchase Orders (LVPO) and Research Subcontracts.

Training classes are scheduled monthly for individual “requesters” or for those needing a refresher.

The following manuals have been developed for each type of on-line requisition. These training manuals are subject to change, therefore, we suggest that you refer to these manuals on-line.

The Financials Lab provides an on-line Requisition “approval” training https://web.uri.edu/controller/peoplesoft-financials/