The University of Rhode Island is committed to being a high-performing, agile, and financially robust institution, as outlined in the University’s Strategic Plan, through the adoption of leading-edge administrative and financial systems.

A step forward in this commitment is the current implementation of RhodyBuy, the University’s new procure-to-pay system. RhodyBuy will provide a significant advance in modernizing the University’s procure-to-pay processes — enhancing efficiency, transparency, and compliance — and is a strategic move towards powering URI as the university of the future.


An important first step is the ‘Pilot’ phase of RhodyBuy, starting in Spring 2024, which will lead to a university-wide phased deployment starting in the summer of 2024. This phased approach is crucial for integrating RhodyBuy seamlessly into University campus operations.  

Transition from PeopleSoft

With the implementation of RhodyBuy, departments will transition away from using PeopleSoft Purchasing and Accounts Payable modules for all procurement and invoicing activities. This change is a key step in the University’s strategy to streamline procurement processes and enhance efficiency and transparency.

Impact of RhodyBuy on the campus community

Campus experience

The introduction of RhodyBuy will transform the procurement experience with intuitive, consistent processes and informed decision-making. 

Compliance and transparency

The new system will bring structured workflows, insightful dashboards, and a comprehensive transaction history for enhanced compliance and transparency. 

Administrative efficiency

RhodyBuy will automate end-to-end procurement processes, reducing manual tasks and aligning with the University’s operational goals. 

Key benefits of RhodyBuy

Faster ordering processing

RhodyBuy system automates requisition submission, approval workflows, and order processing, leading to shorter purchasing cycles. 

Improved visibility into purchases

RhodyBuy provides real-time integration with financial systems that enhances expenditure monitoring and allowing active views of budgeting for requested purchases, approval workflow, and order status. 


RhodyBuy allows departments to access a marketplace of URI-tailored catalogs and preferred vendors. The system is designed for ease of use, ensuring that everyone can navigate and make the most of its features, including simpler search for orders and invoices. 

Enhanced vendor management

RhodyBuy provides a centralized platform for vendor interactions that streamlines communication and collaboration. 

Join us in this evolution

URI is dedicated to a smooth transition, with comprehensive training sessions and detailed rollout plans to ensure preparedness across our community. Your involvement is crucial as URI moves toward a more streamlined and efficient procurement process, in line with URI’s strategic vision for the future. 

Updates and additional information about RhodyBuy, including upcoming Town Halls, learning sessions, and training information, will be made available on this site.

Questions can be sent to questions-rhodybuy-group@uri.edu.