FOUND A TICK … now what? Four actions you can take right now!

GOING OUTSIDE AGAIN … Be ready for ticks!

About Be Ready For Ticks!

Be Ready For Ticks is a Just-in-time education approach to tick-bite and tickborne disease prevention. Learning what you can do in the moment–when it’s relevant and can be applied–is especially critical when details matter, as in the case of preventing tick bites or practicing best next actions after a tick-bite is discovered. TickEncounter is proud to partner with NEWVEC, the CDC’s New England Center for Excellence in Vector-borne Disease along with founding partners Bartlett Tree Experts, Insect Shield, and Mainely Ticks, in providing easy, anytime access to simple, practical ways for taking action to prevent and manage tick bites. We welcome others with the same goal to join this exciting QR-driven campaign.