TickEncounter promotes tick-bite protection and tickborne disease prevention by engaging, educating, and empowering people to take action.

TickEncounter is the outreach arm of our multi-pronged approach to solving the tick problem locally, nationally, and around the globe. TickEncounter provides our principle means for connecting with stake-holders, and extending tick control and tickborne disease prevention research to end-users in an engaging way, helping empower them to take appropriate action. Our motto Be TickSmart™ Stay Tick-Safe! guides us as we help families and others get outside, exercise and enjoy nature without letting that one little bit of nature — ticks — enjoy them.

Our newest campaign Be Ready For Ticks! uses QR technology for easy, anytime access to simple, practical ways for taking action to prevent tick bites and avoid tickborne disease.

TickEncounter is affiliated with the University of Rhode Island’s Department of Plant Sciences and Entomology and Cooperative Extension in the College of Environment and Life Sciences, and the New England Center of Excellence in Vector-borne Disease (NEWVEC).

URI Cooperative Extension is committed to community, equity, and diversity and prohibits discrimination in all its programs, services, and activities.