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Our TickSpotters program provides users with accurate, timely tick identification information, as well as science-based risk assessments tailored to their tick. Submit your own tick photo and get a free tick ID by a tick expert along with guidance on best next actions to lessen your risk of future tick bites and tickborne disease.

NOTE: Tick ID accuracy from photos is dependent on the quality of the photo and the region where the tick was found. Ticks found outside of North America may not be able to be identified to species from a photo.

How it works

  1. Upload a photo of your tick-name.jpg ( jpg only files please)
  2. Answer a few questions about your tick encounter
  3. One tick per submission please

That’s it! We will respond, usually within 24 hours, with an email:

  • Confirming tick identification and likely riskiness
  • Highlighting practical easy-to-follow, science-based tick bite prevention tips
  • Filled with resources and links to help you make your own, effective tick bite protection plan

Why it is important to accurately identify my tick?

Different species of ticks transmit different disease germs. Knowing the type of tick, the likely tick infection rate in the region, and how long the tick was attached and feeding are all critical details for making tick bite management decisions; like whether to have your tick tested or seek disease-preventive treatment.

How is my tick data used?

We connect with people and their pets across North America who have encountered ticks. Everyday people become citizen-scientists by submitting photos of ticks and important encounter details. This essential data is gathered via our crowd-sourced tick survey tool and helps us monitor tick population trends and tickborne disease risk.

What our users say…

Thank-you, Thank-you, for the informative and quick response to my email! Very much appreciated. I have told others about your excellent program, and I will be making a donation to help your research. Keep up the good work.” – George, ME

“Thanks so much for identifying the tick and responding so quickly to our email. You do a great service for all of us in trying to keep us safe and healthy.” -Roger & Lou, NC

Dr. Thomas Mather inspects tick specimens in the woods

About TickEncounter

At the TickEncounter Resource Center, we are passionate about helping people accurately identify ticks. Our lead expert, Dr. Thomas Mather (a.k.a. “The TickGuy”), has been researching ticks and tickborne diseases for four decades.

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