#BeReadyForTicks ! – Sign Order

Signs are printed on aluminum composite panels and are single faced with 3 mm punched holes centered on the top and bottom.

Number of signsCost (including shipping)
1 – 4 signs$40 per sign
5 signs$180 total
10 signs$350 total
25 signs$800 total
More than 25 signsPlease contact us to arrange
order signs

Sign purchases enable innovation in our approach to public health outreach. One idea we are developing re-imagines the way we learn about ticks and tick bite protection — Imagine if learning about ticks was fun….engaging….interactive….and still informative!

Warning Tick Habitat signs

Enrich your community’s outside experiences by helping them avoid tick bites and the risk of serious disease.

Our innovative, QR code tick warning sign provides anytime access to simple, practical ways for taking action to prevent tick bites. Our dynamic and interactive sign is the first rollout of our Be Ready for Ticks! initiative, providing people with easy access to a few simple, convenient, and effective actions to takeā€¦

  • right now at trailheads, parkland, campgrounds, dog parks
  • when you get home from your outside adventure
  • if you find a tick
  • and before you go on your next outing or adventure

Be Ready for Ticks! provides anyone with a smartphone expert guidance and a trusted source of updated, best practices in tick bite prevention to protect people from tick bites.  

We hope you will make an investment in health for your community. Join us in empowering the outsiders in your community with the latest proven and practical tick bite prevention actions by ordering your Warning Tick Habitat sign today!