Cynthia E. Field

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Cindy received M.S. (botany, 1973) and Ph.D. (food science, 1981) degrees from URI. She is a professional freelance writer and editor, specializing in science and technology topics for more than 30 years. She has worked for publishers including Apple and IDG (International Data Group). Cindy’s first TickEncounter occurred in July 2003 with a diagnosis of Lyme Disease. In August 2006 a nymphal tick co-infected her with babesiosis and a second dose of Lyme. Since then she has been vigilant about protecting herself in the gardens at her Wakefield home – and proactive in helping to educate others about the potentially devastating consequences of tick-borne illnesses. In 2011 she wrote a series of articles about tick-bite prevention for Narragansett-SouthKingstown Patch.