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TickSmart™ Products help prevent disease by reminding people what ticks look like and how to do a daily tick check. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping. All items are sent Fedex ground.

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TickEncounter Prevention Partnerships

Preventing tick bites and the prospect for disease should be a goal in every community and for every family. TickEncounter Prevention Partners (TEPPs) are people just like you, who help us engage, educate, and empower family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and teammates to take appropriate actions for preventing tick bites and the often-serious diseases ticks transmit. They are committed to improving the health of their communities and the people they serve. You or your company can make a difference by joining our team.

Daily TickCheck Shower Cards

Daily TickCheck Shower Cards are waterproof, and show actual- and enlarged-size blacklegged ticks in full color, as well as the other common human biting ticks and the most common biting areas to check every time you bathe or even just take your clothes off. Each card also comes with its own lanyard to make hanging the card easier.

Daily TickCheck Toilet Stall Cards

Daily TickCheck Toilet Stall Cards are designed to be placed right above toilet paper dispensers in public bathrooms. Like Daily TickCheck Cards, these cards show actual- and enlarged-size blacklegged ticks in full color, as well as the other common human biting ticks. Ticks tend to bite humans in areas below the belt, most easily discovered while sitting on the toilet.

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An illustration of toilet tick check cards, depicting where to check for ticks

Tick Identification Magnets

These TickSmart™ Tick Identification Magnets are based on our popular field guide tool. They’re perfect for the home or workplace! Tick ID magnets help remind family members or employees of the most common biting ticks they may encounter. Available with either Eastern or Western ticks.

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A tick identification magnet, with illustrations of tick species at different stages

"Do a Daily Tickcheck" A ticksmart learning kit for schools & camps. In just 10-12 minutes kids can learn....where to look and what to look for.

Learning Kit – Do a Daily TickCheck

Schools and camps can Get TickSmart™ by using interactive Learning Kits. In 10-12 minutes, kids can learn where to look for ticks and what to look for. 

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