Tip #7: Tuck in your shirt tail when adult ticks are active but tuck your pant cuffs all the time

Did you know…nymph and adult stage ticks tend to hang out at different heights in the landscape? Nymphs stay close to the ground while adults adventure up just a bit onto vegetation. Because of that, adult ticks typically latch on about knee level as hosts pass by, while nymphs commonly latch on at shoe level. But once on board, ALL ticks tend to crawl upward; so while nymphs crawl upward under untucked pant cuffs and up legs, adult ticks will crawl up the outside of pants, then readily continue to crawl upward under an untucked shirt. It only takes hungry nymph- and adult-stage ticks a few minutes to crawl up your leg or under your shirt (sometimes they wander about for awhile). Once under there, ticks bite wherever clothing or skin folds obstruct their upward movement — for adult ticks, that means especially checking around bra straps, underarms, mid back, and hairline — and it’s really hard to check your back for ticks. For tiny nymphs, lean over…and pay particular attention to ankles, backs-of-knees, groin and waistband (underwear lines). Tucking your pant cuffs and shirt can help keep ticks from getting in and biting!