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Ji Hye Kang

Ji Hye Kang
  • Assistant Professor
  • Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design; Quinn Hall, Rm 309B
  • Phone: 401.874.2881
  • Email: jhkang@uri.edu


Ji Hye joined the faculty of the University of Rhode Island in Fall, 2016. She has substantial experiences in both academia and fashion industry. Before beginning her doctoral program, she worked about eight years in the Korean fashion industry as a merchandiser and a fashion marketing consultant. During the time, she conducted a variety of client-base projects related to fashion businesses and consumers such as brand repositioning strategies, shopping mall development in Shanghai, China, B2B e-commerce business modeling, etc.

She received her doctorate at Oklahoma State University in fashion merchandizing with an emphasis in international apparel marketing.  After then, she continued her academic endeavors at Yonsei university, South Korea as a post-doctoral researcher and at Kansas State University as an assistant professor. At the universities, she taught a variety of courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in different settings such as online and offline and targets of traditional students and professionals, ranging from an introductory course to a capstone course to foster future professionals who meet current industry demands in innovative methods. She teaches TMD 332 Fashion Merchandise Buying, TMD Fashion Retail Supply Chain Management, and TMD 433 Textile Markets.


Ji Hye’s research areas are consumer behavior and business strategies in the global fashion market. Recently she extended her research interests to two state-the-art topics: ethical/sustainable consumer behavior and big data analysis since she believes these areas are crucial to understand contemporary consumers and to determine success of current fashion business. For excellence in research, she strives to update her with the latest market issues and methods for data analysis, build up with researchers in other disciplines, and to conduct research, employing various theories and perspectives of socioeconomic, psychological, and marketing domains.


Ph.D., Design, Housing and Merchandising, Oklahoma State University, 2007
M.S., Clothing and Textiles, Yonsei University, Korea, 1995
B.S., Clothing and Textiles, Yonsei University, Korea, 1993


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