Violations & Fees

Pay a University Citation Order Your Parking Permit

Parking Enforcement 

It is your responsibility to pay close attention to parking signs and rules while parking on campus. Penalties arising from vehicles found in violation are the responsibility of the permit holder or registered owner(s). Parking and Transportation and University Police may issue a variety of citations. Please see Violations and Fines below. 

Every vehicle parked on campus must have a valid parking permit AT ALL TIMES. Parking is enforced year-round, therefore when classes are in session (either in-person or virtual), reading days or finals, valid permits are required and vehicles must be parked in their designated lots at all times. Please review our tips to avoid fines and tickets. 

Parking and Permit Violations and Fines

List of Transportation and Parking Violations Fine Amount
No Permit/Non-registered Vehicle $50/ per offense
Parking in a non-designated lot $35/ 1st offense
$50/ 2nd offense
More than one car on campus $35/ 1st offense
$50/ 2nd offense
Fraudulent use of a Permit $75/ per offense
License plate not showing from travel lane Warning/ 1st offense
$30/ 2nd offense
Parking overtime in a timed space $35/ 1st offense
$50/ 2nd offense
Failure to update plate on AIMS Parking management system $10/ per offense
Not actively charging in an active Electric Vehicle (EV) station $35/ per offense
Handicap Space Violation* $100 – $500*
Parking During Snow Ban* $85*
Disregarding Parking Signs* $85*  
Parking in a Fire Lane/Roadway* $85*  

University citations can be paid online. There are directions on the back of the ticket for making a payment or filing an appeal.

*  Violations administered by University Police with issuance of Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal Ticket (RITT). These fines are payable to the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal by mail. There are directions on the ticket for making a payment or filing an appeal.

Failure to Pay Parking Fines

Late Payment Penalty: Each citation not paid within 14 days of issuance will be assessed a $10.00 late fee. Citations not paid within 28 days will be assessed another $10.00 late fee.

Hold Process: A negative service indicator will be placed on your e-Campus account for all outstanding parking fines. 

Towing: Vehicles may be towed for the following reasons:

  • Failure to pay outstanding parking fines
  • Unauthorized parking in reserved areas/spaces/lots

TAP Citation Appeals

Any individual receiving a citation may appeal the validity of the citation to the Appeals Officer. Appeals can be made online.  The Appeals Officer will determine validity of parking citations based on information provided by the appellant, and under the appropriate circumstances, mitigate penalties for violations of these regulations. 

Any individual dissatisfied with the ruling of the Appeals Officer can make an appeal to the Parking Committee. The Parking Committee, under the appropriate circumstances, can mitigate penalties for violations of these regulations. 

Reasons Appeals May Be Denied

These situations are not considered to be valid reasons for appealing a parking citation.

  • Lack of knowledge about parking regulations.
  • Late to or from an appointment or class.
  • Dropping off an assignment or seeing an instructor.
  • No Permit Citation – if you have at least two prior citations and/or warnings for “No Permit.”
  • Parking for just a “short time”.
  • Unable to find a legally-marked parking space.
  • Parking in a reserved space without a valid permit for the reserved space.
  • Repeat Citations – cannot appeal any citation if you have received two previous citations and/or a warning for the same offense.
  • Overtime parking
  • Failure to pay previous tickets
  • Inoperable vehicle (car trouble) – failure to notify the Transportation & Parking office.

All appeals must be made within 14 days of citation issuance. Appeals not submitted within the 14 days will be rejected. 

Appeals will not be accepted once a citation has been paid. Payment of a citation, while under appeal, forfeits the appeal and pending decision.

If you need to park on campus while waiting for an appeal decision, please contact TAP: 401-874-9281.