Event Parking

Events, camps and conferences are an integral part of the campus environment and need advance planning with the Transportation office. Parking is limited to specific areas based on space availability, the time of year, other events, construction projects, camp or conference location, type of activity, number of attendees, and other factors.

A minimum of two weeks notice is required when requesting event parking.

Event Permits are a simple and easy way to provide parking to your guests without needing to obtain a guest list or email addresses. To request an event permit, please fill out this request form. TAP will respond within 48-72 hours to any request. Once an event permit is created, parking spaces become reserved for your event and can be obtained in the parking system

If you are coming to campus for a campus tour, please register your vehicle here.


Parking locations are based on availability. We ask for your event location in order to accommodate your guests with the closest parking available. Spaces are limited.


Each event requires an event voucher code which allows your guest to obtain a permit for your event. The event code is chosen by and distributed by the host. We require that the code includes at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number.

Important Information

  • Event permits may not be obtained by students, faculty, or staff.
  • Vehicle information may not be changed once entered.
  • Guests with rental vehicles should wait to obtain their parking permit until after they have received their rental car.