RINEC Transportation & Parking


We strongly encourage students to consider using alternate modes of transportation such as the transit system or carpooling. It is kinder to the environment, reduces greenhouse emissions, and costs less than driving a single occupancy vehicle. RIPTA fare products are available at a 50% discounted rate available at the campus Book Store located in the Memorial Union on the Kingston campus.


The University strongly encourages RINEC students to form or join a carpool, which benefit the environment, reduce congestion, and saves money. By carpooling, drivers can park in the South Street Landing (SSL) Parking Garage at 330 Eddy Street, for free. All members of the carpool must be actively enrolled RINEC students to receive this benefit. Click here for specific information on RINEC Carpool eligibility and how to apply.


While we highly encourage everyone commuting to RINEC to choose a sustainable mode of transportation, driving may be the only viable option. If you choose to drive, you have two options:

  1. You may self-park in near-by parking facilities or in the South Street Landing (SSL) parking garage at 330 Eddy Street at a reduced rate of $8.00 per day (with a one time $10 activation fee). To get this reduced rate you must go to the SSL garage office, located on the first level of the garage, and request a “Freedom Pass”. You will need to provide an active credit/debit card when you complete the agreement with the SSL parking garage.
  2. Form or join a carpool which will entitle you to a free SSL Garage Pass. A minimum of three (3) RINEC students must make up a carpool. The leader of the carpool will be issued one (1) SSL Garage pass which can be used amongst the carpool members. Passes are required to be returned to TAP at the end of each academic year. There is a $50 fee for any SSL Garage pass that is not returned to TAP. Click here for specific information on RINEC Carpool eligibility and how to apply. To request a SSL Garage Carpool Pass submit this form.

More information about URI Transportation & Parking is available here or by emailing TAP@uri.edu.