Tips to Avoid Fines and Tickets 

If you have questions about parking on campus, call Transportation and Parking at 401-874-9281. Other sources can be unreliable.

  • Have a valid parking permit with the correct vehicle plate information.
  • Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • If you cannot find a parking space, please contact Transportation and Parking at 401-874-9281 and let us assist you in finding a place to park.
  • Pay close attention to signs and park in marked spaces only. All lots have signs at their entrances to let you know what restrictions apply. 

If your vehicle becomes disabled and you cannot move it right away, or you plan to leave your vehicle overnight, call  Transportation and Parking or Public Safety Dispatcher.

Transportation and Parking will issue tickets in the amounts listed in the table below.  Students, faculty, and staff who have a valid handicapped placard must also have a valid URI permit and park in a permitted space to avoid ticketing.