Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Academic Vision

University College for Academic Success (UCAS) will help create and sustain a clear, coherent and inspiring academic environment for all undergraduate students, supporting their journey from orientation to commencement and on to employment. University College for Academic Success supports students, faculty and staff through programs and services that enhance intellectual engagement both in and out of the classroom. Our priorities align with the 2021-2024 URI Strategic Plan, focusing on innovative strategies for greater retention, on-time graduation, and successful employment. A consequence of this support will be more satisfied graduates, with a greater propensity to give back to their alma mater.

Each unit has a responsibility to connect their work with the strategic academic plan. The mission, summary and purpose of a department, data and trends tracked, and strategic goals and actions serve as a foundation for the work accomplished in each unit. The following report is updated as of October 2020 with special emphasis on how our work in social justice and equity have impacted our goals, strategies and action steps.