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URI Day of giving is Tuesday, October 5. For 24 hours, we will come together to celebrate the people, programs, and potential of URI. We are asking for your support of RhodyNow: University College, the charitable fund hat allows us to help undergraduate students have the most successful experience possible. Have the most successful undergraduate experience possible.

At University College for Academic Success (UCAS), our goal is to help you have the most successful undergraduate experience possible. Here you’ll find the information and services you need to transition into college life, understand all of your degree options, make choices that are right for you, find academic support, and connect your major with career and life goals.

Follow Your Path to Success


As a first-year student, you have choices to make and a new world to navigate. We’ll answer your questions, and offer the guidance, programs, and services you need to begin one of the biggest adventures of your life.


Selecting a major that’s a good fit is an important step. That’s why we offer you dedicated academic advisors, support, and the kind of guidance that will help you stay on track and get the most from your academic program.


As you progress through your undergraduate program, you’ll have hands-on experiences to help you clarify your career goals and prepare you for what’s next. The world is full of possibilities, and you’re almost there.