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Summer Fairs

 Welcome to the 4-H Fair season!

Join the fun!  Learn some new things! Win awards for your work!

 Summer brings special opportunities for you as a 4-H member in Rhode Island.  Plan now to take part.  It is a chance for you to show the public what you have raised, built, and learned in 4-H this year.  Your participation counts toward awards, trips and other opportunities.

Here are some of the classes that you can enter.  You must visit the guidelines and rules pages before entering.  Go to the individual fair’s pages to enter that fair, We have four fairs in Rhode Island:

Southern Rhode Island Online Entry System

Eastern Rhode Island

Northern Rhode IslandOnline Entry System

Washington County.- Online Entry- 4-H Exhibit Hall ONLY- all the rest must be printed from WCF website

 Enter your Animal project:

If you are in an animal project, plan to enter one of the shows at the fairs.  Show us how you have worked with your animal all year, trained it, groomed it and cared for it.

Enter in the Exhibit Halls:

You can enter your work with your club or by yourself.  Theme Exhibits are groupings of items around a theme that members have made or grown.  Topic exhibits teach the viewer of the exhibit all about one project.  Single Item exhibits are items that you have made or grown!  What can you enter?  Baked goods, vegetables, clothing you made, crafts, art work, posters, photos, woodworking, a topic exhibit on the environment, on your club community service project, or on anything you have learned in 4-H.

Additional Opportunities!!  All 4-H fairs have opportunities for 4-H members to be involved in the leadership of the fair.  Many fairs have members demonstrating a project, giving a speech, sponsoring a fun or fund raising booth, leading games, or presenting talent.  Many of the fairs also have special unique classes.  Try bringing your bunny in the bunny race, doing the hay loading contest, obstacle courses, pinewood derby, pie eating and more. 

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