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Fair Guidelines and Rules

Listed below are the four fairs in Rhode Island that have 4-H classes. The details of each fair can be found by clicking and following the link. Each fair uses the STATE 4-H EXHIBIT GUIDELINES. Some of the fairs have additional competitions, events.

Rules and Guidelines- MUST READ- BEFORE ENTERING

2014 Exhibit Guidelines  – New- Model Horse Show Topic Exhibits

2014 Animal Exhibit Guidelines

2014 DEM Animal Health Regulations –  

Measures to Minimize Influenza Transmission at Swine Exhibitions June 2014


Southern Rhode Island 4-H Fair Website

Eastern Rhode Island 4-H Fair Website

Northern Rhode Island 4-H Fair Website

Washington County Fair Website

Rhode Island 4-H Horse Shows

How to Build a 4-H Show Box

The Big E 4-H Packets- Click here for all information on going to the Big E with a 4-H Project!!

New- Printable Exhibit Hall Score sheets (to pre-fill out)

CLUB Themes-  (group of items made or grown by club members with a poster and title) -

1.Variety show 2.Foods 3.Clothing 4.Crafts 5.Flowers and Potted Plants 6.Vegetable Garden 7. Other

INDIVIDUAL theme-  (group of items made or grown by a 4-Her with a poster and title) -

8.Variety show 9.Baked Goods 10.Clothing 11.Crafts 12.Food Preservation 13.Other

Single Items-  One item made or grown by a 4-Her-

14.Baked Goods 15.Clothing 16.Crafts 17.Other 18.Flowers and Potted Plants 20.Vegetables 21. Art 22. Poster Art 23. Photography

Topic- Exhibit teaches or tells a story-

25.Club Topic 25a.Club Promotional 27.Club Hands On 26. Individual Topic 28.Individual Hands On

We also translated it into the Washington County Classes for you below!  Just click on your class!

301000-301008 |   302000-302006 |   303001, 303003 | 303002 | 303004

304001 |   304002 305001305003305006 | 305006 305005 305007305008

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